My name is Oliver. I’m a home networking enthusiast who has spent a lot of time looking into and resolving home networking problems and how to solve them.

Basically, it’s interested me especially how Wi-Fi connectivity especially is very fickle and variable, and there’s always internet users running into the problem of weak Wi-Fi, slow speeds, or some other home networking issues.

Whatever problem users are experiencing on their home network, there’s usually some way around it, and that’s what I want to provide information about on this blog, primarily based on my own experience solving home networking issues, plus research into certain topics.

Here’s what I plan to cover on this blog:

  • Powerline adapters – I’ve used these products extensively and can attest what a useful home networking solution they can be to bypass Wi-Fi altogether and deliver ethernet connection via house wiring.
  • Wi-Fi extenders – Another home networking product I’ve used a lot – great way of providing a usable internet connection when the existing signal is too weak or unreliable. I provide extensive info on these products, including answering common FAQs, setup guides, troubleshooting and some starter models.
  • Weak Wi-Fi – I’ll provide various troubleshooting guides on having weak Wi-Fi for certain devices, or in certain scenarios, plus products to fix these issues

I have extensive personal experience in all these areas, plus I have attended a Cisco CCNA course at a local college in the past to bolster my networking knowledge.

I hope you find the information on this blog useful!


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